The Self-Writing Resume
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The Self-Writing Resume

The Self-Writing Resume

I was reviewing a friend’s resume and it was very clear. The same language is used to describe work experience. Most of the time it's vague and not eyebrow lifting. So why should someone spend time writing this. Let’s let AI/computers handle this.

The tool for the job? OpenAI’s GPT-3 Model. The model is a beast. It was trained on 45TB of data and has the capacity for 175 billion parameters. It can generate anything text based, copywriting, guitar tabs, and even code. It powers products like GitHub Copilot and

OpenAI makes the model accessible through their API. I created an account and was able to use ~$20 of free credit (I only used a few cents). I got coding and once again used codesandbox to host my project.

My first goal was simple: write a tiny description of what you did at work. Then the model generates the full “resume worthy” description. I had to mess around a little bit but before long:

Check out the code and try it out here (you will need your own API key which can be created here)

This was so cool, the model is so powerful! Also, linking up with the API is straightforward! I loved what I had but writing a description!? Way too much work for your average lazy engineer.

Enter V2

Most of our work as engineers lives on GitHub. The best part? We write good descriptions of the work we do in commit messages (in theory 🙂).

So here's the idea:

1. Take someone’s commits in their main repo
2. Gather all the commit messages
3. Use the OpenAI model to summarize the commits

Sweet, game-plan down, now time to build. I poked around the GitHub API and found what I needed. Next I forked my project ^ and made some tweaks. A little code here, a little duct tape there, and V2 was done! Here were the results:

Check out the code and try it out here (you will need your own API key which can be created here)

I was super happy with the results! Going forward I’d love to improve the stop sequence so only full sentences are returned. I'd also probably use a loop to call out to GitHub to get all commits, not just the last ten.

I’m blown away by GPT-3 and am already on the waiting list to mess around with their image generating model DALL-E 2.

Bonus: Here are some more screen shots!