💩 I Love

Here's a list of all things I love and think you'll love too. I'll update this as time goes on. Here it is:


Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable - Hands down the best and last iPhone cable you'll ever buy. They're a little pricey but they last years and if they ever break, they'll send you a replacement for free. I bought one wire five years ago and haven't bought a new one since.

Kewpie Japanese Mayo - This takes mayo to a whole other level, you'll never go back.

Aeropress - For $30 this will make the best homemade coffee you can get with the least brewing skills needed. It's super portable, cleans itself, and the design is perfect.

Multitool In A Key - This is a full Leatherman but just looks like another key. It has come in handy more times than I can count. I have this one but the one I linked seems better.

Kasa Smart Plug - They're $5-6 each. They allow you to control your lights or any device from anywhere in the world. If you have a window unit air conditioner, pair it with one of these and you can pre-cool your room.

Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush - Dental bills can be uber expensive, invest a tiny bit of time and money using one of these and it'll pay dividends for the rest of your life. If you had to clean a deck with a normal broom or an electric-powered broom you'd know which would do a better job, the same applies. This is the best bang for your buck especially paired with cheap replacement heads on Amazon.

Duvet Cover - For all my life I've just used whatever the cheapest linens were. Then my girlfriend got me a nice duvet cover for my comforter and I can never go back.

Patagonia Duffle - This is a duffle bag backpack that is built like a tank. It holds a ton of stuff, can always be carried on flights, and looks great. I've used mine for almost every trip and after eight years it looks good as new.

Fogless Mirror - If you're a guy who shaves regularly, this is awesome and lets you shave in the shower without the hassle.

Shun Classic 8-Inch Kiritsuke Kitchen Knife - I got this as a gift, having a great kitchen knife makes cooking way more fun, period.

Lululemon/Alo Joggers - You'll wear these all the time for travel, working out, going out, anything. They're great to have and make looking good and being comfy easy.

Osprey FlapJack Pack - Buying a cheap backpack means you'll be buying many throughout your life. Buying an Osprey is an investment but it's super durable, functional, and the company will take care of what they sold. I've used mine daily for five years and it looks brand new.

Van Staal Reels - These are off the charts expensive but if you like to fish it can't be beaten. It needs minimum maintenance, is water/rust-proof, and looks amazing. The resale value is also unbelievably high and many appreciate in value so it can make sense. It will also be a family heirloom.

Bombas - I also got these as a gift. So expensive but they'll be your favorite pair of socks.

Yeti/Hydro Flask mugs and water bottles - These keep your coffee piping hot and your water ice cold, respectfully. They last forever, worth every penny.

Airpod Pros - Everyone has them and there's a reason. They're beautifully designed, packed with features, and fit seamlessly into your life. The regular AirPods are probably fine but I haven't used them.

Webcam Cover - They're dirt cheap and protect you against hackers or a professional blunder. Spend the few dollars - for everyone's sake.

Down Sweater Jacket - Doubling down on Patagonia. This coat is light, warm, looks good, and packs down to nothing. Worth having in your closet.

Electric Candle Lighter - I got one of these for my GF as a gift and they're great. No more burning your hand or refilling lighter fluid. They're also super cool looking.

Kindle - Nothing special but it opens the number of books you can read and paired with a library card you can't beat it.


Autoslash - The UI is horrible but it's the best app I've found for renting cars. Multiple times friends and I have saved $x00s on car rentals, use it!

M1Finance - IMO the best app to build a portfolio and invest. Generally passive and automatic investing is the best strategy, this makes it unbelievably easy and is free.

Google Maps Saved - We've all used it, but the gem of a feature is location saving. You can save places you love and put them in folders. This allows you to look around a map and see places you've saved nearby. The other huge benefit is you can share the lists with people traveling to a city you live in or have visited.

Fakespot - A lot of Amazon reviews are BS, this helps fix that. It uses machine learning to quickly determine the ACTUAL rating of a product. Definitely worth using when finding the best option on Amazon.

Flycut - An app that keeps a history of your recent clipboard copies. Once you try it you'll question how you ever used your computer before.

Camel Camel Camel - This tracks the price of goods on Amazon over time. A good resource to see if you should wait to buy something.

Libby - Get a library card and pair it with this app and you may never need to pay to read again. A must IMO.

Instacart - I often view services as buying time, this is so cheap and saves so much time. A top tier way to delegate.

Rakuten - Check it before buying things, it's free money.

Outdoor Gear Lab - Buying any gear for the outdoors or city life, this is a great resource. They send products out to experts who push the gear to the limit and get great feedback to determine which products are the best.

Hemmingway App - A free "AI" editor that can greatly improve the clarity of your writing.

Grammarly - A free way to make sure you're grammar is in good shape.

Wirecutter - If you don't want to spend forever researching products, Wirecutter is usually pretty good. It's run by The New York Times, they do a good job.

McDonald's App - If you know me you know I love McDonald's, ice cream, and free things. This app brings all those together. You get a lot of free (unhealthy) food. Everyone knows the Starbucks and Chipotle app but don't sleep on this.

Facebook Marketplace - I've generally had more luck buying/selling than with Craigslist but using both is great.

Fivver - A great resource when you want to get a small body of work done for cheap.

Canva - It has blown up lately but it's an amazing tool to build any visual for free.

Privacy.com - Generate new credit card numbers in seconds. You can set limits, restrict where it's used, and a variety of other features. It's free and a lifesaver.

Archive.today - Paywalls are important but also annoying. Paste the URL of an article into this site and read the article for free. It works most of the time!

OneNote - I've used a bunch of note-taking apps and this app seems to perform the best. With NYC subways you constantly go online and offline and this just works where I've found others fall short. Free and allows you to access your notes on any device.


  • WaitButWhy - A friend recommended this. Originally I thought it was childish with the drawings but it's some of the best content I've come across.
  • Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letters - Warren Buffet is a freak of nature and he releases his thoughts every year. These are invaluable for learning about investing and business at large.
  • Amazon Annual Letters - Jeff Bezos is also a freak of nature, also an invaluable business resource.
  • Farnam Street Blog - Every Sunday at 5 am you get a short email with some of the best ideas and quotes. I look forward to them every week.
  • Milk Road - Learn about all things web3.
  • Tim Ferriss Blog - Tim has been around for years and his books, podcasts, and blog posts are worth more than most college degrees.