Termites build incredibly complicated mounds which self cool. See here
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

By day I’m an engineer at Etsy where I work on the payments team. During my time there I’ve been able to work on some amazing projects that have transformed people’s lives and helped grow Etsy into the community and company people love. I’ve worked on expanding into over a dozen countries and currencies. This has given people all over the world access to the global marketplace while helping the business grow. I’ve also worked on various distributed systems, a reserve system to help mitigate fraud, helped build the team as it quadrupled in size, and overall help to keep the system humming so people can buy and gift items they love!

Outside of work I spend quite a bit of time reading and building (including this blog).

I have done a terrible job documenting and publishing what I work on and learn about. This blog is my effort to change that. This will be updated as time goes on but here are some links to some small projects:

  • A scrappy workout app that I think is best quoted as “It’s not easy but it’s simple”
  • My GitHub is here (though to be fair I need to work on publishing more public repos)
Fun fact: From the image above - Termites build incredibly complicated mounds which self cool. See how architects inspired by termites have used biomimicry to build a self-cooling building here