Math You'll Love
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Math You'll Love

Reading math notation sucks.

A big focus when learning math is remembering all the different symbols. It distracts from focusing on what the equation is actually communicating. Many people miss the beauty of math because we don’t teach it in an intuitive way.

The author of Mindstorms writes that schools, unfortunately, teach kids math through rote memory. We give kids no intuitive sense of what the equations are doing and many come to hate the subject. His suggestion is that we should teach these subjects through code instead. The subject becomes much more interactive and kids truly understand how things work.

This spoke to me. I love math and statistics but hated learning the subjects in school. I always thought it would be fantastic if there were a textbook that taught math equations through code. It would be much more fun to learn and also much more effective. The only thing I saw that was close was this which mapped basic operations to JavaScript code.

I figured if this doesn’t exist I should solve it. I may not be able to easily convert a calculus or statistics textbook. But, I could start a GitHub repo. So that’s what I did!

GitHub repo

I started with statistics. I looked up some of the most common equations and converted them to JavaScript. I optimized for readable code that would easily explain how the equations work. My plan is through time to add more equations and other branches of math. I hope other members of the community will also help!


I’m a big believer in “being the change you want to see” and building what you think should exist. If you feel the same way and find this interesting I hope you’ll submit some PRs to add new equations!