Revolutionizing Milk Frothing At Home
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Revolutionizing Milk Frothing At Home

Revolutionizing Milk Frothing At Home

This post is gonna be pretty short. The video I made towards the end is basically a blog-build in video format.

In the video, I go through various new ways of frothing milk. This seems like an odd thing to work on but let me explain. There is a guy on YouTube named James Hoffman who covers all things coffee. He makes the tiny nuances of coffee both interesting and beautiful.

In a few episodes, he covers foaming milk. He notes that using a French Press is the best way to get foamed milk at home. The thing is it’s such a pain to do, so I had an idea:

TLDW; I use a pump to push milk through the metal mesh of a French Press!

This is the end of my storytelling/video class. I learned so much about what goes into telling a good story. I also learned a ton about what goes into making a higher-quality video. It's all about keeping attention with great shots, constant cuts, and engaging music. Keep a good pace and have fun - you can tell a story about anything.

I highly recommend the class. It's a lot of fun and changed the way I look at storytelling and making videos. There's no better way to learn than getting your hands dirty!