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Fixing Posture: / -> |

Fixing Posture: / -> |

I’m not an expert on the body but I’ve done some homework on how to fix posture. For me, it was slouching and “tech neck” (forward neck) from working on a screen all day. This often leads to discomfort, looking less confident, and appearing shorter. It’s good to nip it early as it just gets worse and compounds as we age.


Our bodies are pretty weird. Most animals are made to be on all fours and we’re no exception. But, clearly, that’s not how we use our bodies. Our bodies are quite long and don’t work great with gravity (ask most older people). To keep our body upright requires a lot of strength and the main muscles responsible for that are in our core. These include but aren’t limited to our abs and lower back. With a strong core, all else becomes a lot easier. Doing ab workouts and lower back workouts like romanian deadlifts can help a ton.

We also want to strengthen some more local muscles near our upper body. This includes our traps, upper back, and neck. Some great workouts here are weighted shrugs and shoulder presses for traps. Pullups and pull-downs for the upper back. For the neck, doing weighted neck movements, using Iron Neck, or a weighted head harness.

In addition to a strong body, you want to make sure your muscles and joints are flexible and healthy. Weights alone will not get you this. I knew how important this aspect was so I went to an expert. I went to my local physical therapy (PT) office and got professional help. They were able to really spend the time on my body and give it the regiment it needs to get in top shape. Here are some workouts they gave me:

Face Pulls
Scapular Squeeze (hold for 10 seconds)
Neck Glide
Door Stretch (hold for 10 seconds)

The last part is maintenance. For me, a partial reason for having bad posture is partially due to having a longer neck and being tall. But the main reason is bad habits. I’d regularly work from a couch or bed where my neck is naturally facing down and my body isn’t supported. It was comfy at the time, but like all things, it had a long-term price to pay.

So a few things had to get fixed, my habits are key. I only work from a desk at home or work. I got a good office chair that supports my body well. I elevated my monitors so all screens are at eye level, And I also bought this device.

Upright Go

It’s a device that sticks to your back (can also get a necklace attachment) and corrects one posture. If I ever slouch for more than 15 seconds, it buzzes and reminds me to sit up. It’s kinda weird but it works extremely well and is pretty cheap.


Taking care of one’s body is huge. Posture seems unimportant but it will ensure your body ages well, you look more confident, and are taller. The earlier you start, the easier the future will be. I hope these tips help!